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On the Up-and-Up

A Look at Elevator Maintenance

By Raanan Geberer

Like the automobile, the residential elevator is a mechanical marvel-and a fairly recent invention. If you’re a board member, a manager or just a unit owner of an urban or suburban co-op or condo development, chances are you probably use an elevator every day. We’ve all seen those elevator inspection reports but chances are that we don’t think about the inner workings of elevators very much. And it seems like the only times that elevators make the news is when something goes wrong, like the time a Chinese-food deliveryman was stuck for three days inside an elevator in a Bronx high-rise. There have been elevator-like hoist devices throughout history, but in 1853, American inventor Elisha Otis invented a freight elevator equipped with a safety device to prevent the elevator from falling in case a cable broke. This led to widespread use of the equipment in the commercial and residential sectors of society.

How They Work

Today, there are basically two types of elevators in use-hydraulic and “rope-driven.” If you’re visualizing a rope similar to the one you used to climb in gym class, however, you’re way behind the times-today’s rope driven elevators contain six to eight lengths of wire or steel cable. These cables are attached to the top of the elevator cab and wound around a drive sheave in special grooves. The other ends of the cables are attached to a collection of metal weights equal to the weight of the car and a little less than half of its rated load. The counterweight slides up and down the shaftway on its own guide rails. Continue reading On the Up-and-Up

Liberty’s customers succeed at elevator safety seminars

PATERSON, N.J. – OCTOBER 17, 2011 – Liberty Elevator Corporation held three (3) safety seminars on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at the O.R.A.C.L.E. Learning Center, 150 Smith Road, Parsippany, in honor of Elevator Safety Month. Attendees included property managers and building engineers who were eager to increase awareness of their elevator equipment and its safe functionality.

One morning seminar and two afternoon seminars were conducted by John Miller, Director of Operations and Peter Stackhouse, Director of Retail Operations. Topics included door safety, fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures. Liberty also recommended tips for owners and managers to take to keep their elevators safe and working properly on a regular basis. Continue reading Liberty’s customers succeed at elevator safety seminars