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The Importance of Elevator Maintenance and Safety

It’s paramount that your elevators comply with code and offer passengers safe and efficient service. Proper maintenance can help keep your elevator up-to-date and safe, lowering the possibility of a code violation.

Maintenance and Safety Are Linked

Liberty Elevator | The Trusted Partner for Elevator MaintenanceWhen it comes to elevators, maintenance and safety are very closely linked. A lack of proper maintenance often causes machine malfunction and passengers in a faulty elevator could be injured. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the elevators in your building.

Your elevators require regular maintenance performed by trained and experienced professionals. Your elevator service provider will send an industry-trained mechanic to conduct maintenance.

Determining the Right Maintenance Schedule

From the initial survey of your elevators, your elevator service provider will determine a maintenance schedule. Separately, when you have your annual inspection, a service provider will be present to operate the elevator to the inspector’s instructions. Continue reading The Importance of Elevator Maintenance and Safety

What Should You Look for in an Elevator Provider?

In New York City alone, there are 80,000 elevators. When someone steps into an elevator, they trust they will travel safely and efficiently. Building owners, property managers, and general contractors search for reliable elevator service providers to guarantee a reliable ride daily. When researching, look for providers willing to customize their service to your specific needs. Be cognizant of these key qualities when choosing your service provider.

Liberty Elevator Corporation | NY, NJ, PAMaintenance

A quality elevator provider should be able to perform any maintenance task you need, whether it’s scheduled maintenance or fixing faulty parts and components. When looking for an elevator service provider, see if they will send a representative to assess your situation and determine a maintenance schedule accordingly.

Most scheduled maintenance is generally performed every 45 days, but it really comes down to a building’s specific elevator needs. This maintenance could be monthly, quarterly, or annually and depends on the number of elevators, the type of elevators, city and county regulations and ordinances, and building usage. Continue reading What Should You Look for in an Elevator Provider?

Press Release: Liberty Elevator Corporation Celebrates 55 Years in Service

We put in the first ever elevator inside the SOL.For 55 years, the Muttart family has provided vertical transportation to New Jersey and New York. This year marks Liberty Elevator Corporation’s 55th year as a Local #1 elevator service provider.

Owners Douglas J. Muttart, President, Darren Muttart, Vice President, and Janet Muttart, Secretary/ Treasurer, continue a deep rooted tradition of providing quality vertical transportation services to their customers. Continue reading Press Release: Liberty Elevator Corporation Celebrates 55 Years in Service