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Elevator Horror Stories Debunked

Elevators often play a big role in many action scenes and horror movies, whether it’s a villain trapping a hero in an elevator or a cab plummeting thirty stories. The idea of elevator catastrophe is one that is implanted in our collective consciousness as something to fear. But around Halloween, we’re all spooked enough. Here are some things you might not know about elevator safety mechanisms which have been implemented specifically to prevent the tragedies we fear most. Continue reading Elevator Horror Stories Debunked

Elevator Acceleration: History and Forecasts

At one time, the ground-breaking engineers in the elevator industry were preoccupied with height; specifically, how to make elevators climb higher without risk to the passengers inside. Today, the same ingenuity is applied to speed. As skyscrapers and tourist attractions get taller, the key question isn’t how to get people to the top; it’s how to get them there quickly and safely. Continue reading Elevator Acceleration: History and Forecasts