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Modernization From the Outside In

A full modernization of your building’s elevators is a big undertaking. Take a look at these progress photos of one of our current projects, a modernization for one of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies, headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey.



As you can see, replacing cabs and updating shaft machinery isn’t just something we do from the ground floor. A major project like this takes time, even though progress is constant. We’re dedicated to the process of ensuring a perfect installation.



Before committing to a full modernization of your own, make sure you’re prepared for these impacts on tenants, employees, and neighbors alike. It’s definitely worth the investment in the long run, for both your safety and the value of your building. Contact us today if you’re curious about modernization.





Elevators Provide Holiday Heartwarming (and Laughs!)

The holiday season is also one for major movie releases. If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit, consider checking out “Christmas Eve,” an ensemble comedy starring Patrick Stewart, Jon Heder, and Cheryl Hines. The film follows twenty New Yorkers on Christmas Eve. Thanks to a power outage, groups of people get stuck in six elevators across the city. As you’ll see when you watch the trailer, the situation evolves from frustrating to joyful; viewers learn that merriment and comfort can be found anywhere. Continue reading Elevators Provide Holiday Heartwarming (and Laughs!)

How Many Elevators Do You Need?

Elevators are both a necessary and expensive feature of modern architecture. Whether you’re building new or modernizing an existing structure, it’s important to ensure you have enough cabs for your building. However, adding one elevator too many could be an unnecessary expenditure. There are two factors which need to be accounted for when deciding how many elevators you need: the number of passengers you expect and how quickly they need to get to their destinations. Continue reading How Many Elevators Do You Need?