Monthly Archives: June 2016

Philadelphia’s First “Vertical Neighborhood” Open to Residents Soon

The impending summertime availability of the 268 luxury apartments at Philly’s new FMC Tower couldn’t be better. A study recently found that Philadelphia is the ideal city for Millennials, and the City of Brotherly Love has been seeing multifamily rental transactions double year-over-year. Continue reading Philadelphia’s First “Vertical Neighborhood” Open to Residents Soon

Financing Grows Tighter in Jersey’s Building Boom

With tons of development going on across the state of New Jersey, prospective builders are finding that financing is becoming more difficult to secure. New Jersey’s development deals are usually funded with a mix of support from partnered real estate firms and institutional investors like banks or insurance companies. Continue reading Financing Grows Tighter in Jersey’s Building Boom

Push for Elevator Safety Act in New York Continues

More than thirty states have laws which require licensing for elevator contractors, but New York isn’t one of them. For the fifth year in a row, state legislators and union supporters like the IUEC are hoping to change that with the proposed Elevator Safety Act, which would require licensing for elevator contractors in the state of New York.  Every year for the last four years, the New York State Assembly has passed the bill which would make this Act law, but the bill has not yet come up for vote in the State Senate. The Act would also create a safety and standards board for the industry. Eight New York elevator contractors have died in the last year while performing maintenance, and according to Local One IUEC President Lenny Lagotte, six of those eight did not go through training.

We’re proud to partner with Local One IUEC , Local Five IUEC, other IUEC chapters, and the National Elevator Industry Education Program to ensure both our skilled crew and the passengers they serve are as safe as possible. If you’re looking for reliable technicians in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, contact us today.


The Hidden Costs of Bad Button Design

New technologies in destination dispatch for elevators can be great assets, but they also have hidden setbacks. Tom Hewitson, a contributor to Medium who works from a co-working space in London, reports that the touchpad in the elevator lobby, where users select their floor in advance, is causing serious problems for a minor reason—the buttons are just a bit too small. Continue reading The Hidden Costs of Bad Button Design

The Importance of Housing Authority Compliance

For many large cities like New York and Philadelphia, the housing authority is constantly making inspections and has many buildings to oversee. As an owner or manager of a multi-tenant residential facility, it’s your duty to ensure your elevators are in compliance with the housing authority’s rules, even between inspections. Continue reading The Importance of Housing Authority Compliance

China’s Elevator Growing Pains

China’s elevator industry has grown astoundingly in recent years. In 2014 there were 3.6 million elevators in China. When you consider that in 2002, there were only 60,000, the significance of this number grows. With 20% growth throughout 2015 and the same boom projected into 2016, competition in their national market is vicious, especially for maintenance contracts. Continue reading China’s Elevator Growing Pains