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The world of technology is ever changing and much is yet to be learned. Stay up to date on the latest topics and trends that could impact your next elevator installation project or maintenance decision.

3 Reasons to Modernize Your Elevator

Elevators serve one purpose – to efficiently transport people vertically within a structure. Many building maintenance teams feel that as long as their elevators continue to move up and down and meet safety codes, they do not need replacement or modernization. While functionality matters, form matters, too. Buildings with elevators that match their interior design and décor provide a much more effective user experience than their outdated counterparts.


Why Modernize Your Elevator?

If you’re still on the fence about investing money into perfectly functional elevators within one or more of your buildings, consider these top reasons for modernization:

Energy efficiency. Older elevators are power-hungry. From the lights to the mechanical structures, elevators consume unnecessary energy with each floor they pass. Modern elevator technologies are energy-efficient and often eco-friendly. Replacing the drive system and smaller components with newer models can significantly cut energy and operating costs.

Tenant/client satisfaction. If you own a professional services building with dozens of paying tenants, you have an obligation to maintain certain standards. Slow elevators can translate into measurable business losses for high-value professionals. Musty and outdated elevators can damage both building owner and tenant brand equity. To send the right message to customers and clients, buildings need elevators that meet a certain aesthetic standard. Gain new business and improve tenant and client relations with an elevator that matches your brand.

Performance over time. Dated elevator systems often include old electronics. The elevator cars themselves tend to move at the same speed before and after modernization, but modern electronic systems can expedite the entire process. When electronic dispatch systems can communicate faster, the cars can respond to inputs faster. Overall, modern elevators perform more seamlessly over time.

The best elevators are not memorable. They blend so seamlessly into the surrounding environment that users don’t often think twice about the riding experience. However, Modern elevators have the potential to make the difference! Modern elevators are quiet, reliable, and efficient.  Make a decision to modernize your elevator if it suits your business or operation goals. Modernization streamlines the entire building experience, providing long-term ROI that often justifies the upfront expenses.

Modernize your elevator

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One thought on “3 Reasons to Modernize Your Elevator

  1. Thanks for explaining some ways an elevator can be modernized. I actually had no idea that the elevator should meet a certain aesthetic standard to give the right message to clients. It seems important to maybe work on the elevator if there was recently some renovation in the building so that the elevator matches the overall theme.

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