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4 Most Prevalent Elevator Problems Discovered in Routine Inspections

Routine maintenance is key to keeping your elevator operating in top shape. Routine inspections aren’t just about preventative steps, but also about discovering larger problems early, before they start showing signs in operation. Thorough maintenance is the key, and you should be prepared to discover some of these common elevator problems during your regular professional inspection.

elevator problemsPower Failures

Elevators need large supplies of power to keep operating, but changes to the commercial building’s utility systems and voltage can impact the motor and potentially even damage the elevator. A power quality survey will be able to recognize whenever the elevator is receiving over or under voltage, preventing burnout of important system components.

Worn Sheaves

Elevator sheaves and hoist ropes work together to suspend the elevator and carry it through floors. Over time, sheaves can become worn, which starts a cycle of putting extra wear on the ropes that in turn put further wear on the sheaves. Catching this problem early can prevent later sheave and hoist rope failures through sheave re-grooving or replacement.

Oil and Lubrication Contamination

Oil and lubrication both contribute to elevator system operations, but it’s possible for small metal particles to make their way into these liquids as a result of wear. When that happens, elevator operations become affected. Part of professional maintenance includes checking the metal levels in oil and lubricants to both replace them and note other potential areas of wear.

Bearing Malfunctions

The bearings are an essential part of the motor, which is key to your elevator properly running. Noisy bearings and other signs of bearing malfunction interfere with this process. Installing inductive absorbers or replacing bearings can prevent dangerous currents from forming and keep your motor’s energy costs down.

While there are many problems that can appear during routine maintenance, it’s better to discover these problems now rather than when they start to impact your elevator operations. Preventative maintenance will enable your elevators – and your commercial building – to continue to run smoothly.


elevator problems

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