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The world of technology is ever changing and much is yet to be learned. Stay up to date on the latest topics and trends that could impact your next elevator installation project or maintenance decision.

Apps that Make Elevators More User-Friendly

Corporations or tenant buildings sometimes require a security badge or other type of identification to access an elevator. It provides a layer of security, but can also be a pain. It can be frustrating for residents or employees to dig through their purses or briefcases looking for their badges. New technology allows users to download apps that summon elevators and open doors. Elevator applications can make life easier for businesses and their tenants. There are significant advantages associated with using smartphones to increase the accessibility of elevators.

New smartphone technology allows people to automatically summon and open elevators as needed in the building in which they work or live. This smartphone app senses when someone is near the lobby with a Bluetooth sensor inside their phone.

The lobby doors recognize the sensor, unlock, and then the system stimulates the elevator functions and informs the person which elevator they should enter.

This application system has the advanced capacity for machine learning, and it can learn and adjust to what times different residents usually enter the building and to which floors they need to go. This permits the system to group passengers together in specific elevators as they enter the lobby in accordance with their desired destination. It also has the capacity to keep track of a person’s daily routine, so it can memorize the time of day a resident or employee goes to lunch and automatically select the floor for the cafeteria as the particular person enters the elevator or lobby.

This system eliminates the need for people to carry around a key card and makes elevators within a building more accessible, reducing wait times and helping people get to where they need to be on time.

The system also may eliminate the need for a human security guard because it can keep a record of who is able to enter a building’s lobby and elevators. Only individuals with verified phones will be permitted to enter the lobby and get on elevators.


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