Liberty Elevator Wins “Best Family-Owned Business” at Elevator World

Liberty Elevator was voted “Best Family-Owned Business” by Elevator World Inc. and their readers. For more than 55 years, Liberty Elevator Corporation and the Muttart family have been providing vertical transportation to buildings and iconic landmarks throughout New York and New Jersey. This family-owned business had humble beginnings in a Rutherford, New Jersey, basement and has continued to grow its reputation across the New York and New Jersey markets. From installing and maintaining traditional elevators in high rise buildings to being honored with the task of installing and servicing the elevators in the most iconic statue in New York harbor, where the company takes its namesake. The Muttart family has always been there for Lady Liberty and all their clients.

Because of this steadfast family ownership and footprint in the elevator market, Liberty Elevator Corporation took home the “Best Family-Owned Business” at the inaugural Elevator World Ellie awards.

When it comes to finding reliable elevator companies in the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania areas, Liberty’s customers know they’re the only elevator company to go to. Liberty Elevator is the company it is today because of the family-based ideas it was built on. Specializing in preventative maintenance programs, modernization, cab refurbishments, and new installations, Liberty remains one of the largest independently-owned elevator companies in the Northeast.

Liberty would like to send thanks to all its loyal customers. Working in tandem has provided us the ability to continue to do what we love and keep to our familial-based roots. Our work ethic, and belief in us from our customers, is what has kept Liberty successful throughout the past five decades.

Douglas J. Muttart, President, reflected on his family’s long-standing reputation in the industry:
“Liberty has sustained and grown despite uncertain economic times. This is due in part to the strong foundation we’ve built at Liberty and our dedicated team of employees. The Liberty crew shares the same ideals and work ethic with those embodied by my grandfather 55 years ago. The commitment to quality and customer service has helped Liberty Elevator to sustain its focus through three generations.”

Again, we would like to extend a thank you to all of those who made this possible and look forward to continued work and growth in the future.

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