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The world of technology is ever changing and much is yet to be learned. Stay up to date on the latest topics and trends that could impact your next elevator installation project or maintenance decision.

Elevator Installation: Timelines and Variables

Depending on the kind of elevator you’re installing, and whether you’re building new or modernizing an existing structure, an elevator installation can take an incredibly variable amount of time. During the project, you can expect to see constant progress, and there are also things a building owner or property manager can do to make the process as smooth as possible.


Elevator installation is complex because work has to be done by several other parties before the elevator can be installed. If you’re placing an elevator in a new building, the construction crew will need to finish the shaft before the machinery can be Project-Schedule-Templatebrought in. The same will apply to an existing structure, whether a residence or a commercial building, if there’s not a shaft available to be modernized. A crew will have to construct the shaft around existing architecture and even potentially residents or tenants. Communicate clearly with occupants about what they can expect if you’re modernizing an occupied building. Further, it usually takes 6-8 weeks for the elevator and machinery to be built and shipped to the installer—so order in advance. The kind of elevator being installed also impacts the timeline. Traction elevators typically take the longest to install.


Once they’re cleared to begin installation, experts like Liberty Elevator will work hard to get the elevator up and running. As an owner or manager, the key element to make sure you have in hand is budget. Make sure you know how much the project will cost and plan accordingly. Also, make sure workers in other trades have adequately prepared the shaft and landings for the elevator installation. If you’re looking for a partner you can rely on in this process, search no further. Contact us for an estimate and proposal today!


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3 thoughts on “Elevator Installation: Timelines and Variables

  1. Our home elevator stopped working about 8-10 months ago and we need to fix it for our disabled roommate. Seems to be power to elevator…any suggestions or do you fix existing elevators? If so what do you charge for repairs?

    1. Renee, Thank you for inquiring with us about your elevator issue, it’s important to have a professional service provider inspect your lift on a regular schedule to minimize any shutdowns. Unfortunately we do not service in home, residential elevators but we do recommend ‘Mobility Elevator & Lift co.’ for this type of service. You can reach out to them through their website or call at 800.441.4181 Thank you again & best of luck.

  2. My dad is planning to have a building rented for offices and will be needing to have elevators for people. It was explained here that when considering installing an elevator, he should consider the time and variables. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to trusted businesses when considering elevator installation.

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