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The world of technology is ever changing and much is yet to be learned. Stay up to date on the latest topics and trends that could impact your next elevator installation project or maintenance decision.

Knowing When You Need a Commercial Elevator Replacement

Commercial elevators, with proper maintenance, can last for 25-30 years. Many elevators are still operational decades after installation. However, even the most well-taken care of elevators will need replacing one day. Recognizing the signs of damage is key to a timely replacement before you encounter major problems.

Slowing Down

An elevator that is slowing down isn’t just an inconvenience for you and your employees, it’s also a sign that your elevator is nearing its replacement date. Commercial elevators can particularly undergo a large amount of daily strain as they accommodate your employees and clients. This wear and tear can not only lead to slowing down, but to sudden stops during operation, which can be dangerous for passengers.

Strange Noises

No one wants to hear strange noises while in an elevator. Loud banging, squeaking, and grinding are often signs of mechanical problems – and they’ll only get worse as time goes on if neglected. If your riders start to hear these sounds, a replacement may be soon required.


Mid-leveling occurs whenever the elevator stops a little above or below the current floor. This is caused by worn-down brakes, which prevent the elevator from stopping at the right location. This process can happen steadily over time, which can make it difficult to notice, and will only increasingly get worse. Any damage to the breaks can be dangerous for passengers.

Frequent Maintenance Calls

Just as with any other piece of large equipment, there are instances when repairing an issue is cheaper than replacement, and other cases when continual repairs and calls to your maintenance crew are far less cost-effective in the long run.

Whenever you recognize these signs, an elevator technician can complete an inspection and help you determine if a repair will get the job done, or if it’s better to opt for a replacement.

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