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4 Consequences of Poor Elevator Maintenance

Elevators play integral roles in building performance. Elevator failure translates into measurable business losses for property management companies, tenants, and sometimes for visitors. Here are the warning signs of poor elevator maintenance and steps business owners and managers can take to avoid a variety of undesirable outcomes.

Poor Maintenance and its Consequences

When businesses ignore signs of an elevator in need of maintenance, they run the risk of increased downtime and repair costs. If the following problems are allowed to continue, your elevator may fail.

Long wait times

If your elevator seems to take longer and longer, it may be developing problems. Check wait times regularly to ensure they remain consistent. Long wait times can be caused by age, poor quality, or poor preventative maintenance. Replacing a relay-based system will eventually become a necessity.


Commercial Elevator

In traction based applications, the elevator’s drive and control systems are frequently located on the building’s roof in a penthouse that isn’t always heated and cooled. Roof temperatures soar on hot summer days, increasing the chance of elevator breakdown from overheating. Dirt and humidity from outside can also build upon the control system and contribute to frequent overheating.

If the system is allowed to continue to overheat, the system will continue to fail. Install a heating and cooling system where control systems are housed.

High energy-use

Old elevator systems use a lot of energy when they’re operating efficiently. New generation systems provide more energy. Owners who continue to use old systems have increased energy costs. Replacing the outdated system can equate to monetary savings.

Frequent breakdowns

As components age, they shut down the system. Owners pay the price for frequent repairs and an elevator that is out of commission.

Avoid the consequences of poor elevator maintenance by partnering with Liberty Elevator. Liberty Elevator offers dependable maintenance for commercial, retail, and residential buildings. Speak with an associate today about your elevator maintenance needs.

Poor Elevator Maintenance

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3 thoughts on “4 Consequences of Poor Elevator Maintenance

  1. I like that you mentioned possibly replacing an outdated elevator to save money. With new technology available there is no reason to go on with your old elevator. The savings are there for you if you act.

  2. The elevators in my office always seem to take forever, and it’s good to know that it may be due to poor maintenance. I found it especially interesting that poor cooling and heating conditions where the elevator’s drive control is located can severely impact how well the elevator works. Perhaps I’ll start taking the stairs and talk to our building maintenance about calling an elevator technician.

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