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Fairway Market – Kips Bay

  • 550 Second Avenue, New York, NY

    From its humble beginnings as a New York City fruit stand in 1933, Fairway Market has since grown into one of the leading supermarkets in the New York metro area.

    Specializing in unique international, organic and fresh products, Fairway’s abundant array of specialty items has earned the chain its trademark slogan, “Like No Other Market.” This has allowed Fairway to differentiate themselves from other supermarkets by providing fresh and distinctive quality products at a fair price to its consumers.

    The lingering aromas of freshly ground international coffee beans and imported cheeses have recruited a loyal following of customers yearning to savor the “Fairway experience,” and local media outlets were quick to mirror their sentiments.


    To comply with the increasing demand for expansion into more neighborhoods, Fairway soon began to grow other areas of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.

    The entrepreneurial experts at Fairway soon had the food selection under control, but needed some assistance with their vertical transportation needs. They called upon Liberty Elevator Corporation to install elevators at many of their new stores, the most recent being their much anticipated Kipps Bay location.


    Located in mid-town east Manhattan, the local residents were eager for the Kipps Bay store opening in their neighborhood. The famed Fairway food store had received a myriad of media attention, so the highly publicized grand opening had to be able to accommodate the projected copious number of customers.

    This called for the installation of passenger and freight elevators to accommodate the high traffic demands the store was sure to incur. The four (4) hydraulic elevators were installed: Two (2) glass-enclosed, high speed passenger elevators and two (2) freight elevators to assist with the daily deliveries of fresh products to the store.


    Liberty completed the elevators in the late autumn of 2012. The Kipps Bay store boasts a large amount of customers daily, proving that Fairway truly is, “Like No Other Market.”

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