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The Morris Corporate Center

  • Four passenger and two service cars were refurbished at Morris Corporate Center I.

    High impact laminate panels were installed in each interior. The center focal panel was custom designed in a Pionite/Honey Maple combination to accent the colors in the lobby. For the side walls and rear panels, an arrangement of Pionte, Sunset, and Cherry were chosen.

    Satin Bronze reveals matched the remainder of the fixtures in the cab, and the panels were all faced and edged. An island style black-high impact laminate ceiling complimented each interior and recessed lighting was additionally installed to provide proper illumination.

  • Four Passenger and two service cars were refurbished.

    All of the existing interior was removed and raised real wood veneer panels on the side and real wall of the cab was installed. Plastic laminate was installed in the service cars.

    Satin bronze base, reveals, frieze and return cladding was fit along with a satin bronze handrail on the side and rear walls of the cab. An island style black-high impact laminate ceiling was replicated in these cars to match building I.

The specifications for this unique project permitted us to display the full scope of our creativity that we pride ourselves in on every project, big or small.

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