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Preserve the Condition of Your Commercial Elevator With These 5 Tips

Routine professional elevator inspections are important in preventing problems before they turn into safety hazards. However, it’s also possible to preserve the condition of your elevator. If you’re a commercial building manager interested in conducting your own elevator maintenance, consider these tips.

Keep Up With Safety Regulations

Commercial elevators have the potential to be dangerous when you don’t meet safety standards. However, following all the necessary regulations can make for one of the safest travel methods available. Elevator regulations can regularly change to reflect best practices; keep up-to-date with these regulations and follow them during all maintenance activities.

Check Emergency Car Lighting and Communication

The goal of elevator maintenance is to prevent emergencies from happening, but you still want to prepare your elevators for the possibility. Elevators have a battery backup system to allow for use during power outages, and they also have emergency lighting and communication methods. Ensure that you know how to check that these systems are working and how to repair them.

Be Proactive With Your Maintenance

The more proactive you are with your maintenance practices, the easier you can solve problems before they ever appear. Monthly maintenance and inspection is the best time to check for issues, especially in commercial buildings where elevators take on heavy loads daily. Never settle for the bare minimum when it comes to the condition of your elevator.

Take Care of the Machine Room and Pit

The elevator machine room and pit are both prime areas you want to keep clean. Regulations only allow for equipment related to the elevator to be in the machine room, no matter how convenient of a storage location it may seem. In the pit, you’ll want to keep an eye out for leaks and ensure the safe use of the sump pump.

Make a Schedule

Without a specific schedule, elevator maintenance and inspections can become irregular, potentially leaving large gaps between check-ups. Schedule regular maintenance times and stick to them. With that, you’ll be on your way to keeping your elevators in the best possible shape.

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